Monday, February 22, 2016


The innovative engineers at Bosch have come up with an accelerator pedal that gives tactile feedback to help improve driving habits. Using multiple data sources it seeks to not only increase your fuel economy but also to help you avoid traffic accidents.

The new “active gas pedal” from Bosch communicates with the car’s powertrain, navigation system, driver assist features as well as other connected devices to help the driver avoid accidents and improve fuel efficiency.

One of the main factors affecting your fuel economy is driving style. The new pedal is meant to teach good habits by applying counter pressure, vibrating or knocking when a driver applies throttle too aggressively. In addition, Bosch says the smart pedal can provide haptic feedback to help drivers decide when to shift their manual transmissions.

When used in hybrid vehicles, it can provide feedback to the driver when the car shifts from electric drive to the internal combustion engine. That way, the driver can adjust his or her driving style to minimize use of the combustion engine.

Bosch claims that their smart pedal can decrease fuel consumption by up to 7 percent.

The active pedal isn’t just about fuel efficiency, but also about improving safety. It communicates with the navigation system to warn drivers of an upcoming sharp turn and can notify the driver when they’re exceeding the speed limit.

Internet connectivity opens up even more possibilities. The vibrating pedal could provide warnings for unexpected traffic congestion or even wrong-way drivers. The pedal introduces a new way to communicate information to drivers while not having them take their eyes off of the road.

We are interested to see how these kind of technologies are implemented and evolve in the future. Would you want a ‘smart’ pedal in your vehicle?


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