Monday, May 2, 2016


If you are doing something, like driving, every day, it can be easy to acquire bad habits without even realising it. Until you consider that what you are doing might be detrimental, it’s unlikely that you will change your behaviour.

That being said, here are some bad driving habits to avoid:

1. Driving cold
As we head into the colder seasons, it is important to remember that your engine performs better once it has warmed up. Driving cold means that the oil hasn’t had a chance to fully circulate. On cold days, turn your engine on and idle for 60 seconds before pulling off, drive without working the engine too hard before it has had a chance to warm up.

2. Revving your engine
Revving your engine wastes fuel and causes gratuitous wear and tear on your engine. This wear and tear is fast-tracked if you are revving first thing in the morning before your oil is fully circulating. There is no point to revving your engine other than to say, “Look at me!”.

3. Riding your brakes
While riding your brakes on a downhill you are continuously grinding your brake pads. It may make you feel safer, but it causes unnecessary wear. Rather gear down to control your speed.

4. Riding the clutch
This is an extremely common mistake. Using your accelerator and clutch to maintain your position at a traffic light causes the clutch plate to slip forward and age prematurely. Use your brakes or handbrake to stay still before you suffer a costly clutch failure.

5. Carrying extra weight
Transporting extra luggage around with you can put stress on vehicle components as well as negatively affecting your fuel consumption. There’s no reason to lug your golf clubs around with you wherever you go. A lighter car means lighter fuel consumption and lighter wear and tear.

Bonus Tip: Shifting into gear while your car is reversing can add months of wear and tear to your transmission. Stop, then gear into first.

Check back next week for five more bad driving habits to avoid!


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