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A vehicle depreciates in value every single day and it’s up to you to look after it the best you can to maintain the highest resale value. You can clean it weekly, feed it oil and avoid grinding gears, but have you picked up some seemingly innocent bad driving habits?

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6. Accelerating slowly
Traffic needs to flow, yet some motorists have the annoying habit of pulling off from a traffic light at a snail’s pace. They probably don’t realise that accelerating too slowly can cause your car to consume more fuel. The sooner you get up to cruising speed the better, but don’t accelerate too quickly either...

7. Going fast
Speeding is the most cited reason for car accidents, not to mention that it is illegal. Laws are in place not only to protect people, but also to protect your car. Straying over the speed limit can have terrible consequences for your car’s engine. Keep your speed in check!

8. Sudden stopping
Slamming on brakes not only increases your fuel consumption, but it can also cause your brake pads and rotors to incur unnecessary damage. It is important to keep a safe following distance from the car in front of you so that you have ample time to bring your vehicle to a halt.

The advised safe following distance is about three seconds from the car in front of you under normal conditions and about six seconds under bad conditions (e.g. driving in the rain, at night etc.)

9. Resting your hand on the handbrake
The weight of merely resting your hand on the handbrake at junctions (or whenever) can affect the internal mechanism of the handbrake and cause needless wear and tear. Keep your hands to yourself!

10. Delaying regular maintenance
Manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines are formulated to keep your car running optimally, ensure the car’s safety components are in working order as well as protecting major components (read ‘expensive to replace’) from becoming damaged or failing completely. It is crucially important to service your car regularly.

Bonus Tip: Remember to also always check that your tyres are aligned correctly and in perfect condition.

You’ve sunk a small fortune into your vehicle, it would be best to avoid further payment in the form of replaced parts. Good habits need to be practiced every day before they become permanent behaviour. Stay mindful while on the roads. Safe travels!


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