Wednesday, April 8, 2015


When you only do something once every five years… it’s easy to forget how it all works! Renewing your driver’s licence is one of those tasks that should be easy, but often lands up being a major hassle!


As a follow-up to the step-by-step driver’s licence renewal articles that we posted recently, here are some frequently asked questions regarding the licence renewal process.

  • Q: Can I have my ID-style photos taken at the Driving Licence Testing Centre?

    1. No, there are no such facilities at the centre so it’s essential to have your photos taken before arriving. Don’t forget to do this as you’ll have to leave the line if you don’t have the pictures on you and this will waste a lot of precious time.


  • Q: What happens if I apply for my renewed driver’s licence on time but my old card expires before my new one is ready for collection?

    1. This is not a problem. As long as you carry your receipt on you as proof that you have started the renewal process, you shouldn’t run into any trouble with the law.


  • Q: Is there a penalty involved if I fail to renew my licence BEFORE it expires?

    1. No, there’s no penalty attached to late renewal (even if it’s months or years late). However, you will have to fork out an additional R45 for a temporary driver’s licence that you can use in the interim while you wait for your official card to be issued.


  • Q: Do I have to redo my driver’s licence test to renew my card?

    1. No, definitely not. The only test that you have to redo is the eye test.


  • Q: Can someone else renew my driver’s licence for me if I can’t get to the centre during opening hours?

    1. No, unfortunately not. Because your eyesight has to be tested and your fingerprints have to be scanned, it’s essential that you apply in person.

Good luck with those renewal applications and hopefully you end up at the testing centre on a day when the lines are short. Keep a look out for our follow-up blog with more FAQ’s. Please note that all the info above was correct at the time of writing this article and may have changed...




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