Friday, April 10, 2015


We know you’ve been waiting for this one… here are a few more questions that others are also asking when it comes to renewing one’s drivers’ licence!

Here is part two of FAQ’s regarding the licence renewal process:

  • Q: Can someone else collect my renewed card for me when it’s ready to be picked up?

    1. Yes, if you are unable to collect your new card yourself, you can nominate someone to do this for you. However, the nominated person needs to bring along: a certified copy of your ID, their own ID and a certified copy thereof and an affidavit explaining why you’re not able to be there personally and listing the name and ID number of the person who’s collecting the card for you.
  • Q: What if I’m overseas at the time when my card expires or is stolen/lost?

    1. You cannot renew your driver’s licence from abroad, so you will have to wait until you return to South Africa to do so. As there is no penalty involved in late renewals, this wait is not really problematic.
  • Q: What if I’m living abroad permanently at the time when my South African driver’s licence expires or is stolen/lost and I need a valid card to obtain a foreign driving licence?

    1. If this happens and you’re not able to return to South Africa to renew/replace your licence, you can apply for a letter from the Road Traffic Management Corporation that states that you do hold a valid driver’s licence in SA. This letter can then be used to apply for a foreign driving licence in the country you’re residing in. To apply for the letter, email and include your SA ID number. Do note, this letter does not serve as a driver’s licence card and you will still need to renew yours if you do ever return.
  • Q: What happens if I fail the eye test?

    1. If the results of your eye test show that your sight has worsened since you first applied for your driver’s, you might still have your card renewed but with certain conditions attached (for example, you may be required to wear glasses whenever you’re behind the wheel). You might be required to visit an optometrist, who will issue a certificate that suggests what such conditions should be. If you fail the eye test entirely, the centre may refuse to renew your licence at all.
  • Q: Can I print out and complete the DL1 application form in advance to save time?

    1. There is an option to download the form online. However, this form has been rejected in the past, so it’s best to just fill out the hardcopy form supplied at the testing centre.

Having to renew your licence can be a hassle, but you can make your time spent waiting in line all the less painful by bringing something to keep you busy and having a friendly attitude.


Get this necessary evil over with as soon as you have a chance, rather than leaving it for the last minute and getting caught on the road in an awkward situation.



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