Monday, November 16, 2015


Afrikaans celebrities hold more than just the stage: they hold the values, aspirations and dreams of an entire culture. So when one of them drives forward and goes further, it’s our privilege to stand by them. David Rees is one particular example.

Fury Ford Sandton is proud to have sponsored vehicles for David Rees and his company as he took his most recent play, Die Waarsêer, on the road to this year's Aardklop Festival, and travelled to the Askari game lodge to help in an anti-rhino poaching effort in association with Pit-Track.

“Every moment behind the wheel of the vehicles [Fury Ford Sandton] have sponsored us, has helped me feel like a winner and consequently my fellow cast members too. We fought hard to get this play on the radar and it is now starting to register on the richter. [Their] investment in us has undoubtedly given us an edge that helped us get here,” Rees tells our team. “It could not have been possible without the support of Craig Absalom and the Fury group.”

Last month Rees joined the Pit-Track at the Askari game lodge with Shannon Elizabeth (of American Pie fame) spending time with their anti-poaching canine unit. A combination of special forces members and members who have been trained by them comprise the team of Pit-Track.

Tracking, preventative and engagement methods are accompanied by pit bull dogs who look after the Rhino.

Rees reported to us that Aardklop was a success past all of their expectations. Having invested so much in this production, which is now starting to rock the entertainment ship in a big way, we send a huge congratulations to all involved!


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