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Criminals are always looking for new opportunities and situations that make their potential victims vulnerable, and developing new techniques to get our vehicles. The only way to prevent a hijacking is to avoid it completely, once you are at the mercy of your hijackers compliance is probably your best option.

Hijacking involves planning. Listen carefully and make sure you understand what the hijackers are saying and follow their orders.

Hijackers may not notice a sleeping baby in the back seat. If this is the case, point out that the child is not a threat and will make things more difficult for them. Motorists should never make a move to release the child without the perpetrator’s permission.

Try to make mental notes of how many attackers there are, what they are wearing, their ages, and any facial or other physical characteristics. However, do not stare at the hijackers; try not to be obvious.

After a hijacking you should get help and immediately report it to the police. You should also get counselling as soon as possible. Do not fool yourself into thinking you’ll ‘get over it’.

Here are some more tips for avoiding a hijacking situation:

  • Don’t enter your garage or a parking area if you believe you are being followed. Drive to the nearest police station.

  • Don’t stop if, for example, a passer-by indicates that your car has a flat tyre or other defect. Drive to the nearest service station or safe area and check it there.

  • Don’t tell strangers your movements or plans.

  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers or unknown people.

  • Don’t leave your car door open and the engine running while opening your garage door or gates. Criminals act quicker than you would expect.

These tips were provided by the SAPS.

As always, safe travels!

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