Monday, July 20, 2015


Did you know that if you sneeze while driving at 95km/h you are effectively “blind” for 20 metres? Sneezing is one of those things that you simply can’t avoid when you feel the compulsion. That is why Ford has been working on a new air filtration system - to make your journey safer and more comfortable.

Advanced air filtration is among a range of Ford innovations designed to make journeys safer, smarter, and more comfortable by enhancing the driver's sensory experience. The air quality sensor detects carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels outside the car and automatically switches on advanced filtration and air recirculation as needed. The new filter is 50% more effective than its predecessor at purifying the air.

The new Ford air filtration system blocks almost all nitrogen dioxide (a key trigger of asthma), airborne pollutants, odours and as much as 99% of pollen. The filtration system uses activated charcoal to block particulates, akin to the systems used in gas masks, respirators, and spacesuits.

Volker Scheer, Ford Europe's technical expert for the environment and health, said: “Ford’s filtration technology is of a quality one would only usually expect in luxury cars.

"The team test-drove vehicles in areas of heavy congestion and concentrated pollution, among them tunnels and urban areas, to prove the system."

Ken Washington, vice-president of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, said: “At Ford, we aspire to improve people’s lives through innovation, whether it be advanced lighting technologies that better highlight potential dangers or an advanced filtration system that pumps ultra clean air into the vehicle’s cabin."




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