Monday, August 15, 2016


Initially the Department of Transport (DoT) denied that it intends to replace vehicle number plates, claiming that the proposal is a fabrication. Days later the same department stated that SA would in fact receive new plates...

The new number plates will be an embossed aluminium plate, with the background printed under a coat of a retro-reflective surface. Reporting on the 2016 TruckX conference, Arrive Alive stated the new number plates are due in 2017 and that the plates must be renewed every five years.

Under the new law, the new number plates must contain:

  • SABS certification below the licence mark of the province.
  • Four dimensional bar code with QR code.
  • The abbreviated name of the manufacturer of the blank number plate.
  • The unique non-transferable of the blank number plate.

The letters and figures are set to be displayed in the following colours:

  • Black - public transport vehicles.
  • Blue - general vehicles and personalised number plates.
  • Red - government vehicles.
  • Green - diplomatic vehicles.

New number plates must display:

  • SA flag on the top left corner.
  • Licence number and licence mark of the province.
  • The name of the province under the SA flag, and centred on top of the number plate.

Working with the Minister and Members of Executive Council, the DoT says it's considering various options, including the use of the national flag as well as the Provincial Coat of Arms, to improve on road safety.

The department said: "As part of the new improvements to our number plates, the regulations will ensure that manufacturers are regulated to ensure that we can account for every motor vehicle number plate that is issued through coding."

The department says that the new number plates will be less prone to security threats and that it will mitigate abuse by unregistered number plate manufacturers.

Source: Wheels24



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