Monday, February 1, 2016


Planning a romantic drive for Valentine’s day? We’ve thought of some ways to make your car journey that little bit more memorable.

First, you need to plan an itinerary of sights to see and good places to eat and sleep (don’t forget to book!). See if you can find romantic views, beaches or gardens to stop at along the way and take some pictures together to capture the moment. Try and time one of your stops to catch the sunset together from a beautiful vantage point.

Here’s a checklist of other things to remember:

  • Ensure that you won’t be running out of fuel during your journey. A pit stop at a petrol station isn’t exactly romantic so try and fill up your tank before picking up your date.

  • When heading out on a road trip the radio isn’t a reliable source of music. Make a mix CD (or USB) with songs from your first date, first kiss or any love songs to create the perfect romantic playlist.

  • Make sure that your car is clean and neat before heading to the date - finding a loose french fry on the carpet can really kill the mood.

  • Add a spritz of your favourite scent to give the car a seductive aroma.

  • The glove compartment is the ideal place to hide a gift of jewellery or chocolates for your significant other. (The surprise adds to the excitement, ask them to hand you your sunglasses or the driver’s manual as an excuse to open the compartment).

  • You should be prompt for your date. Nobody likes to be kept waiting and after all, your aim is to impress.

Remember you are driving for the journey, not the destination. Ensure your loved one is comfortable and happy at all times and make wonderful memories together. Safe travels.


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