Monday, August 24, 2015


Who wouldn’t like to relieve stress, avoid serious injuries and achieve better fuel efficiency for their vehicle? There’s a way that you can achieve these things and it won’t cost you a cent, all that you have to do is slow down.

Speeding, unfortunately, is a common occurrence on the roads, but what most people don’t realise is that it doesn’t get you to your destination all that much faster. Mathematically speaking, unless you are on a long road trip, the gains accumulated by speeding are often negated by traffic and traffic lights.

Driving slower requires no upfront investment, all that's required is some behavior modification and the discipline to make driving slower, a habit.

Here are some of the benefits of not speeding:

  1. Spend less money on fuel

    Generally, fuel efficiency is maximized when acceleration and braking are minimized. So a fuel-efficient strategy is to anticipate what is happening ahead, and drive in such a way so as to minimize acceleration and braking. Maintaining an efficient speed is an important factor in fuel efficiency. Optimal efficiency can be expected while cruising at a steady speed, at minimal throttle and with the transmission in the highest gear.
  1. Reduced accident risk

    You, and your passengers, are at less risk of injury in the event of a traffic collision if you are travelling at slower speeds. The forces at work here can be calculated with some basic physics formulas and the difference in impact force can be greatly reduced by travelling just that little bit slower.
  1. Reduce wear and tear

    Most of the moving parts in your car are susceptible to damage from heat and friction, and the faster you go the more heat you produce. Your tyres are also granted a reprieve when you travel at a slower pace instead of screeching around corners.
  1. Less stress

    For you, the driver, and other drivers around you. There is a feeling of strange satisfaction when someone goes haring past you on the road and then you pull up next to them at a red traffic light. This is an example of the theoretical gains of speeding being lost to traffic, and while the guy that’s speeding is most probably fuming in a cloud of red mist you are calmly going about your business.

Is it worth getting to work five minutes earlier if you are going to walk through the door already stressed? Not to mention that sinking feeling you get when you drive past a speeding camera and the flash goes off. Driving within the speed limit is beneficial for everyone on the road - give it a try!

Safe travels.




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