Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hooting excessively, tailgating a slow driver, applying brakes when you have someone speeding behind you and swearing are all mild forms of road-rage-related behaviour. Road rage is bad for your blood pressure and makes you more likely to take chances and drive aggressively, putting everyone on the road around you at risk.

Use these tips to stay calm and in control:

Leave with time to spare - Stress is one of the main catalysts for road rage, ensure that you leave with sufficient time to get to your destination so that you don’t feel behind schedule.

Recognise when you are getting angry - If you start to notice that you're breathing quicker or that your heart is beating faster, try and distance yourself from whatever it is that is getting to you before you snap.

Slow your breathing - When you’re angry you automatically breathe in more than you breathe out. The trick is to reverse the process and breathe out more than you breathe in, you should feel yourself becoming calmer.

Count backwards from ten - Count backwards from ten and visualise yourself letting go of your worries, you need to put your situation in perspective compared to the grander scheme of life (i.e. traffic isn’t the end of the world). Listening to soothing music when you drive will aide you in this task.

Consider your thought process - If you find yourself thinking “People like that shouldn’t be on the roads” or something similar then you are making things worse for yourself by focusing on the issue that makes you angry. Let these thoughts go and it will be easier to calm yourself.

Most of us have some experience of being on the receiving end of someone else’s hostile behaviour, it is advantageous to be observant and learn to recognise signs of trouble at an early juncture.



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