Friday, July 24, 2015


We live in a time where most people are exposed to a daily grind of stress and the smallest action can set off a flurry of anger, it only adds to the problem when you are stuck in traffic while in a rush or someone cuts you off at high speed. Here are some tips to avoid getting angry and how to defuse the situation if you are on the receiving end of motor madness:

If you feel that you are a person prone to angry outbursts then there are some activities to bring about a more peaceful attitude:

Drive defensively - If you make an effort to drive defensively and calmly it can alleviate a lot of stress before you even start the car.

Make time for yourself - Make time to relax regularly and ensure that you get enough sleep. Having a creative outlet will diminish tension, while drugs and alcohol can make anger problems worse.

Let off some steam - Exercise helps to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and mitigate irritation.

Talk to someone - Discussing the way that you feel with a friend can help you get a different interpretation on the situation that you never realised existed. Maybe the car that cut you off on the highway was rushing to the hospital for an emergency.


If you feel that you are being targeted by an aggressive driver on the road here are some points to remember:

- Do not engage the aggressor, ignore verbal abuse and rude gestures.

- Keep your windows up and your doors locked.

- If the aggressor follows you then head to the nearest police station, or another public area where you know that you can receive help.

- If you are stationary then you can take out your mobile phone and record the altercation in case events escalate further.


You should check whether or not your insurance company offers emergency medical and roadside assist, and have the relevant emergency contact numbers saved onto your mobile phone.



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