Friday, May 22, 2015


Here at Fury Ford Sandton we love to see happy customers driving our vehicles. But sometimes it’s not safe to be driving, or you need to be in two places at once and it’s just not possible… That’s when you need an Uber to help you out.

Uber is a mobile app that uses GPS to find taxis near your specified location so that you can catch a ride (even if you don’t know the exact address). Need to have friends picked up from the airport, but you are too busy cooking dinner? You can get an Uber. Need the kids to be picked up from school, but you got caught up at work? You can get an Uber. Had a night out on the town and you need to get home? You can get an Uber.

One of the brilliant things about Uber is that pricing is clear and there is no physical cash transaction, the fare gets credited/debited straight from your account. Uber users also have the option to rate a driver and give feedback so that others can gauge the quality of the drivers service.

Once a ride has been found for you the driver’s name and vehicle details will appear in the app (so you can make sure you are getting picked up in a Ford). It also provides you with contact details so you can message or call if you need to.

Your safety on the roads is our top priority at Fury Ford Sandton. Go further.



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